The Sarawak Digital Media E-Platform Association is dedicated to bringing businesses together to progress in the realms of digital, media, and
E-platform development.

Our Goals

  1. Through digitalization, media, and E-platforms, we aim to unite businesses globally, facilitating business transformation, supporting startups, and creating new job opportunities.

2. We provide accurate information and seminars to educate the public on digital media and E-platforms, enhancing the competitiveness of local businesses globally.

3. We offer online and offline digital, media, and E-platform services to connect local businesses with overseas counterparts and organize various exhibitions in Sarawak.

4. We serve as a database hub for Sarawak, assisting members in running analytics to help business owners expand more effectively.

5. We establish links with relevant sectors and governmental members to stay informed about the latest regulations on digital transformation and collaborate on implementing these regulations effectively.