SDMEP joins the Sarawak Business Federation as a member.

SDMEP joins the Sarawak Business Federation as a member.


THE Sarawak Digital Media E-Platform Association (SDMEP) is creating a platform for entrepreneurs and young talents to delve into the world of digitalisation.

The association believes digitalisation is a time of great opportunity, especially for young media creators, to venture into something more than just trying to survive.


Ting (left) sharing on SDMEP at Unimas.


Its president Zoey Ting Giek said the association was started in July last year specifically to tap into the digitalisation potential in Sibu.

“We took about a year to come up with this kind of concept. I was in business and also involved with the media.

“I found out there are demands for content creators, writers, videographers, and photographers among the corporates but they don’t know where and who to look.

“That was when we started thinking of a platform for identifying these talents.”


SDMEP president Zoey Ting Giek (right) and secretary Wesleeyh Lee.


So far, the association has 68 members.

Ting also discovered that many who could write, shoot videos and create contents were only freelancing.

She said as these people were only trying to get recognised, the founding members decided to help by giving them a platform to grow together in the industry.

“If they go out as individuals and do things as individuals, it will be difficult to make a breakthrough.

“Imagine, if we have graphic designers, videographers and content writers coming together, they can provide better services to the people.”

She suggested one way was to create a database for corporates to identify these talents. “This is an excellent opportunity for young people to explore more but it has yet to be done.”


SDMEP members with the students of Unimas.


Create jobs

She said the aim was more than just serving the people of Sibu, adding that SDMEP would look into ways of helping business start-ups and transformations and creating jobs statewide.

“We also plan to organise seminars on digital media and e-platforms to enhance the competitiveness of local businesses in the global market.”

According to Ting, since it is still new, SDMEP has only organised one event – The Sarawak Short Film Competition – last October, attracting 61 entries throughout Sarawak.

Many talented videographers and content creators were discovered, and not all were professionals, she said.

The association’s Award Night was held last November in Sibu and plans are afoot to organise the International Content Creator Conference tentatively in July this year.

“We’re still waiting for funding approval, and will be supported by the Sarawak Convention Bureau.

“Hopefully, through this conference, young people can get more information to better understand the creation of content and the long-term planning,” she said.

SDMEP is a member of the Sarawak Business Federation.

The association hopes to not only help young people but local businesses as well.

One of the services is to provide information and encourage local businesses to venture and digitalise.

“They always complain their businesses are slow these days because they depend on walk-in customers.

“We encourage business people to come our association, and hopefully, from the information received, we can, in some ways, encourage them to move into digitalisation,” Ting said.

She added that the government is encouraging the move into digitalisation.

“I know Sibu is a little slow but I hope this association can be a platform for all local businesses and young people to be involved in digitalisation to serve the community better.”